Price list

1 kg - 700,- CZK

2 kg - 800,- CZK

3 kg - 1.000,- CZK

4 kg - 1.200,- CZK

5 kg - 1.500,- CZK



you pay for the order online by card or by e-payment at the Comgate payment gateway.

contact information:
ComGate Payments, a.s.
Gočárova třída 1754 / 48b, Hradec Králové
Phone: +420 228 224 267

Bank transfer

the order can be paid to our account with Unicredit bank

payment details will be sent to you after the order is completed

use the order number as a variable symbol

after crediting the relevant amount to our account, the shipment will be sent

Our bank account - 2106332002/2700